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Project Description
Extend MOSS, WSS or MSS with new search functionality

SharePoint Search Extensions Home Page
Search Extensions are several SharePoint "features" to extend SharePoint with easy to install, easy to configure functionality.

Here is some documentation.

How do I get the code?
Download it from the "Source Code" tab.

What if I only want the binaries?
Download them from the "Releases" tab.

Can I use this code in my own projects?
Yes, SharePoint Search Extensions are shared source. Make sure to read the license to understand the exact conditions.

Which features will be available as part of this project?
Check the detail of the current and coming search related features.

Is there any other projects about search in MOSS?

How do I contribute?
Join the project!

Try out some new features
Vote for work items/bugs to help prioritize
Post comments to the forums
Download a release
Download the source code

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